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 wt_ico1.gif- the broadband phone company launches: Net Talk the Internet phone service that allows you to talk from the comfort of your home!
No matter where you are calling within the USA and Canada or to the United Kingdom and Europe -- or how often -- there is a  Net Talk calling plan that is right for you.

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logo_new1_ico4.gif is the International Telephone Service for all residential users. Nettalk turns your high-speed Internet connection into big savings on phone service!

logo_new1_ico4.gif  is a service that allows residential and small business customers to use a standard telephone and a broadband Internet connection to make and receive phone calls at incredibly low rates.. 

logo_new1_ico4.gif is easy to install and even easier to buy. Delivery is guaranteed with 48 hours after approval of purchase.

logo_new1_ico4.gif  will dramatically reduce communication costs for Residential users for People who place International calls anywhere in the world and receive calls from the U.S., Canada, U.K., and Europe. By offering a variety of flexible rate plans and advanced service features, Nettalk can meet the calling needs of each customer

logo_new1_ico4.gif is the only company to offer you premium calling features such as VoiceMail, Call waiting, Caller ID, 3-way calling, and Call forwarding

logo_new1_ico4.gif is the only phone service that is available to all Internet users

logo_new1_ico4.gif allows you to manage your account online

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U.S. / Canada  / UK Unlimited
Unlimited US (land line & mobile) /CAN (land line & mobile)/UK (land line)  TT$275.00 VI

U.S. / Canada / UK 500  
500 Mins US (land line & mobile) /CAN (land line & mobile)/UK (land line)  TT$139.00 VI

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